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First Presbyterian Church

“ Loving God by Serving All”


You may come as a stranger to us;yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.

Sunday Church Service: 10:30 a.m.




Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


This is a season of reflection.  Indeed this was true of those early Pilgrims who started this great American tradition we call Thanksgiving.  During these days of reflection we are to “count our blessings: and return praise to God for his goodness. In my personal reflections I am thanking God for His blessing and privilege to Witness, Preach the Word and care for you all.  It has been a joy for me these past weeks to be a part of your Worship Service…I look forward to sharing thanksgiving and the season of Advent with you. 

Please be aware that I am available for Pastoral Care/Counseling at any time.  Call the church office for my phone numbers 516 766-5916.  Do not hesitate to phone me if you have a need. 

As we prepare for our own Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, may we also be aware of those who may not have someone to share the day with, and by God’s Grace be a blessing to them in some small way – an invite, a card,  a phone call, a visit, a prayer. 

May each of you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  Let us praise God from all blessings flow. 


Peace Pastor Janet



Deacon’s Doings


On Sunday November 19, I made the announcement for ordering pies for the community Thanksgiving Dinner.  They are $5.00 each and I’ll be collecting for 4 Sundays.  Please see me.

The next holiday project is the Adopt –a –Family.  There’ll be more information about that in the near future. 

We continue to ask you to please bring food for the food pantry that is in desperate need of donations.  Thank you to all who have helped.


Maude A.




Mary had a little lamb.  It’s true!  Do you want to know why?  Come to this year’s Christmas pageant on Sunday, December 21 to learn the answer.  You say you can’t wait that long?  Then why not become a part of this special story yourself?  There are parts for children of all ages and you’ll also get a sneak preview during the rehearsals on December 7 and 14 following church.  We already have the wisemen but we still need angels, shepherds, animals, a star and, of course, Mary and Joseph.  See Brenda B. for your special part in this amazing story.  





On October 17, 2014, we hosted the popular game of Military Bridge for the first time in MANY years.  It was attended by 40 people including all of the committee workers.  Barrie S. graciously paid for the caller fee of $70 so all of the money realized, $490 was profit.  We thank her very much for finding the caller and enabling this event to occur.  Thanks you to all who donated baked goods and also set up, served and cleaned up.  As always, this group of workers made work look easy.  We all had a wonderful time and look forward to offering this event in May 2015. 

It is now time for the White Elephant/Holiday Fair Sale, Saturday November 15, from 10am to 4pm.  Set up dates are Wednesday, November 12th to Friday November 14th, 10-5pm (except Friday when donations will only be accepted until 12 noon).  There is a sign-up sheet created by Virginia G. on the Church Life Bulletin Board.  Please donate some time to help and baked goods for sale.

The Brick Garden is offered at $100 a brick to remember, honor, celebrate or just show someone how important they are to you.  Ask Anita for an application to be part of this very special walkway.

There is a can on the table directly across from the office for stamps being collected for our South and Central American Sunday School Hispanic Materials ministry.  Please leave a large border around the stamp when cutting them out. 


Oceanside Interfaith Council


The Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be held on Tuesday, November 25th at St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, 7:30pm.  Please bring a nonperishable item for donation to a soup kitchen.  Also, a good will offering will be collected and donated to a charity determined on November 13th at our next meeting held at Temple Avodah, 9:15am.  All are welcome to attend.  Refreshments are served.  Food is always a great incentive. 

The council along with other groups will host a Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the Oceanside High School 11:30am to 1:30pm.  Our church will supply up to 40 pies as our usual donation.  Please see Maude Aaronson to purchase your pie for $5 each.  

Anita O.


What’s Happening?

Number 51

November 2014


By Audrey Hach


“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God:

I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee.”     Isaiah 41:10

The Cormaria Retreat was early in October and was an inspirational program.  Five of us attended and we were glad we didn’t miss this one.  Kathy N. was one of the program leaders and it was good to see  her.  She was an intern in our church when Jim B. was our Pastor.

Ginni D. joined us for Cormaria before she left and moved to

California.  We gave her a send-off at coffee hour which was great.

All her Sunday School kids made her a book and took charge of the

coffee hour.  They made a big fuss and it was wonderful.  She and

Woody are making stops here and there as they drive to California.

It is so nice to have Janet P. in our pulpit for many Sundays

lately.  Her sermon on October 26th was so inspiring. It was about

loving one another and it brought me to think about what a dear

friend said to me about Loyalty, Empathy and Love. We should write

it in our notebook so we never forget it.


Our Military Bridge was held this month and it was such an enjoyable evening.  We had some friends from the Baldwin church and many people we hadn’t seen in a while. We had such fun jumping from one table to another and seeing everyone.  The gal we had there to run it for us was so nice and I am hoping that we won’t wait so long again to repeat this event.  We also raised a good amount of money for our church.  Many  thanks to Anita O. who worked so hard and made all the arrangements for this event.  If you weren’t there make sure you get to the next one. 

Donny J. was married to Kate on October 25th in Atlanta, Ga.

Certainly wish some of could have attended but it was too a big a trip.  We wish them all the best.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

“A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.”

Kathleen Grove


Stewardship Notes


The psalmist reminds us to “give thanks to the Lord, for God is good”. (Psalms 107:1)   Generally I think of my stuff as mine; my car, my house, my money.  Our faith calls us to a different perspective.  As a believer, I am to be mindful that all good gifts come ultimately from the loving and generous hand of God.  In the Sunday service, I am invited to present my tithes and offerings in the same spirit of love and generosity with which God meets me.  This time is to be one of joyous thanksgiving. an opportunity to “let the redeemed of the Lord say so” (Ps. 107:2) and demonstrate our gratitude.

Writing to the Thessalonians, the apostle notes that he and his co-laborers had conducted their ministry “so that we might not burden any of you while we proclaimed to you the gospel of God” (1 Thess. 2:9).  There are costs in following the commands to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, extend fellowship to the lonely, comfort the bereaved, and act as faithful disciples.  There are costs in ministries of nurture and education that communicate the faith from generation to generation.  There are costs in maintaining worship and proclaiming the gospel.  While expensive, the work of the church need not be a burden.

Where is the burden in joyously returning a portion of the gifts God provides to be used in the work of Christ through the church?  The invitation of Stewardship Commitment Sunday is to consider the rich blessings God has bestowed upon us.  It is an invitation to make a Christian witness of our gifts and a faith statement in our generosity.

                Charles S. , Executive Presbyteer, Heartland Presbytery                                               

Let us pray:

Good and gracious God, you deal generously with us.  In the gift of creation, you have provided every resource necessary for our sustenance and pleasure.  In the great gift of your Son, you overwhelm us with your generosity and grace.  Guide us to be likewise generous in our response.  Lead us to share abundantly the blessings you have bestowed upon us, as a witness to our trust in your continued grace and generosity.  We pray in the name of Jesus.  Amen  

The Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Long Island October 25, 2014 I found the meeting of the Presbytery of Long Island informative, insightful and spiritually uplifting.  Representing Oceanside as an elder namely as delegate proved to be a great honor.  The question I posed to myself was how does our church mission align with the Presbytery.  And even more so what is our mission as a church.  Is it the same mission as Oceanside church mission was 50 years ago or has our mission evolved. 

The Presbytery’s mission reads as follows:  “The Presbytery of Long Island as a partnership of churches is committed to deepening discipleship, building community and obeying Christ’s call for mission and evangelism”.  We have a General Assembly that follows its’ constitution, as well as a General Assembly that meets bi-annually for proposed amendments to the Presbyterian Constitution.  After prayer and worship, the business of Presbytery began.

Barbara M. was called to share the role in which Oceanside played in disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy.  She narrated all of the supports parishioners needed, as well as the role the church played, providing hot meals, offering sustenance as well as physical, emotional and spiritual and spiritual support.  All of the work was done daily by a group of dedicated members of Deacons and Elders from the Oceanside Presbyterian Church.  It was noted that Oceanside received support from several Presbyterian Churches. 

There were several reports from various committees.  One point of interest was a report from the West End Presbyterian Cluster, which our church recently joined.  The cohort was initially formed to support youth in small congregations.  The functions of the group have expanded to include opportunities for spiritual social and Christian fellowship.  There was a visual presentation about the Heifer and the Honduran projects for youth.  A grant for this mission for $22,000 has been secured.

Mission provides us with opportunities to contribute with distribution of the Peacemaking Offering with 25% to our congregation, 25% to Presbytery, and 50% to the Presbyterian Mission Agency.  This transition to Peace & Global Witness will allow churches greater flexibility in supporting causes they are passionate about – including international mission.

Respectfully,     Edna A.





DEADLINE – December 7, 2014


The plants are 6 inches tall from rim of pot.


RED (amt)________  WHITE (amt)________


Total Number of plants_______


                 TOTAL COST__________@ $15.00 each


(Please make checks payable to FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH,

note that the check is for Christmas Poinsettia(s)

and attach to this form.




_____ I will pick up after the service on Christmas Eve.


_____ I will pick up as above and deliver to



                a member of our congregation.



Please do not pick up flowers until after the Christmas Eve service.



These flowers are dedicated to the glory of God:


In loving memory of:



In honor of:



In celebration of:



FROM: Name:________________________________


 Phone #:_______________¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________


Orders cannot be accepted after December 7, 2013. 

Please accommodate this request.


Require additional information??

Contact Jeanne C.



Session Notes


The Session met on October 14 in a regular meeting.  We had a joint meeting with the Deacons at the beginning of the meeting which was good.  For a few months we have had to meet at a different time to accommodate the needs of the Moderators.  Now we are able to meet at the same time. 

We spoke of our very real concern that Nassau County had cut the appropriation for the Food Pantry in Freeport which placed it in danger of closing.  They are serving an increased number of people in need.   Just prior to the printing of the Presbyteer this month, I saw in the newspaper that the Episcopal Diocese pledged $40,000 to the Food Pantry so it will not have to close.  Praise be to God and the Episcopalians.

Edna and I spoke of the meetings we have been attending by a cluster of churches in Western Nassau County that have similar needs.  We have been speaking of ways that we can join together to serve God and the members of our congregations.  We have already voted to join the Western Cluster of Nassau County for youth programs.  We are working on developing the youth group activities.  Upcoming are events such as Pumpkin Smashing and a retreat at Holmes Camp in Westchester.  Ask Akosua and Syrah about them. 

In relation to that the Session re-activated the Carolyn McC.  Scholarship Fund.  A number of years ago, upon the death of their daughter, Lenny and Mildred McCahon established this fund to help provide money for young people to attend camp and conferences.  Since we have not had a young people’s group it has not been utilized.  Your contributions to this fund will be very helpful so that all young people can afford to participate in these neat activities.

Session approved the purchase of lighter weight sturdy tables for Fellowship Hall.  In order to have room for them we need to identify those tables that are dangerous and in poor repair. 

Monies have been approved for the needs of the Interim Search Committee and Session members, Deacons have been busy assessing the needs of the manse for preparation for a new Pastor to live there.  Windows have been repaired and Session has approved needed remodeling projects for the manse and the funds to manage those repairs. 

Session and the Interim Search Committee have been working hard to recruit a new Pastor for the church.  We note with gratitude the work of Rev. Janet P.  who is helping us to be more stable during this period of transition.  She has been providing in addition to leading worship, some pastoral care which is appreciated by those in need in our congregation. 


Barbara M.


                                                                                Western Cluster activities


On Thursday, December 4, the Western Cluster group will hold it’s next meeting in Fellowship Hall at 10:00 am.  They met earlier this week to review the Pumpkin Smashing event which Akosua A. and Syjah attended.  Ask them about it.  It sounds like it was such fun.  This weekend they are attending a retreat at the camp at Holmes. 

Next that group wants to work on activities for Communicants Class and some educational and socialization activities for Adults related to Advent and Lent. 

Keep watching for more news as they are finalized.  I think you will find them interesting. 


















Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbytery of Long Island






If you have any questions or need further information please call church office at 516-766-5916 and fax is (516) 766-5014