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“ Loving God by Serving All”


You may come as a stranger to us;yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.

Sunday Church Service: 10:30 a.m.



This is an article from Mission Year Book 2014 for The Presbytery of Long Island.


   Last summer was quite an adventure.  I had an opportunity to participate in a pastoral-discernment internship at the Presbyterian churches in Malverne and Garden City in the Presbytery of Malverne and Garden City in the Presbytery of Long Island.  I prayed with a dying woman, taught elementary school kids about God’s love, and oversaw a community-wide worship celebration.  I experienced different kinds of ministry and learned more than I ever thought possible.

   Garden city Presbyterian has created an ongoing relationship with a nearby community of families from El Salvador.  The parents work hard during the day, leaving the kids largely to entertain themselves during the summer.  During vacation Bible school, church members picked up the kids at their elementary school and brought them to and from the church.  Some children walked a mile to get there.  They even came when it rained.  My proudest moment that summer was when the kids a t vacation Bible school all learned the phrase “ And I am certain that nothing can separate us from God’s love,” an abridgement of Romans 8:38-39.  Ministering to these beautiful children was a blessing.

   It can  be easy to get hung up in all the debates about immigration, but over the summer, with those kids, none of it seemed to matter.  Those Salvadoran families became neighbors, and their children became the congregation’s children.  Members filled backpacks with school supplies, took them with their own kids to the pool, and carpooled to get them where they needed to go.  In the process, the stereotypes fell – “those kids,” “those families,” “those people” became Juanito or Carla, or Juanito’s Dad or Carla’s Mom.  They were fellow citizens of the kingdom of God.  And that’s all that  mattered.  The Presbytery of Long Island includes 57 congregations, two new church developments, and two immigrant fellowships.                   

Beatrix W., member, Malverne Community Presbyterian Church; Young Adult Advisory Delegate to the 219th General Assembly (2010); student, University of Notre Dame


Let us pray:    Dear Lord, help us to remember that are neighbors are all citizens in your kingdom.  Work through us to make this place more like yours.   Amen.


The following was read in church on June 22.  It was suggested that it be put in the Presbyteer for those who were not there to hear it, so here it is.  Brenda B.




   I was asked to speak to you about how the Holy Spirit has been at work around here this past week.  It began last Sunday in Sunday School.  One of the children asked why we sing “Amen” at the end of our hymns.  It continued on Monday during Monday School.  The first selection we read in our book talked about why we end a prayer with “Amen”.  You should have been there for the discussion that ensued.  It was very lively and interesting.  I could even experience the Holy Spirit working in me as I was deciding whether or not to speak to you today.  As many of you know, I don’t usually do something like this.

   Was all this a coincidence?  I think not.  This is the Holy Spirit at work.  Hymns are prayers set to music so it is very fitting to end each hymn with “Amen”.  Choral anthems are also prayers set to music and sermons are a message from God.  What does “Amen” mean?  Amen means “so let it be”.  You’re literally (saying), ‘In Jesus’ name, so let it be!’”  There is nothing more powerful ending a hymn, prayer, anthem or sermon with “AMEN”.  It is one of the best ways to show that we have been moved by the Holy Spirit.

   May the Holy Spirit continue working in our church this week and in the future as it has in the past.       AMEN.



Late news:   The church life committee plans to hold a Pot Luck supper and Game Night on September 26, 2014 at 6 pm.   We would like so much if you can come. 







Attention:   The Presbytery of Long Island’s Presbytery Day

Saturday September 13, 2014


“Let Everything …Praise the Lord!”


The First Presbyterian Church of Babylon

79 East Main Street

Babylon, NY 11702

Register by Friday August 29th for $10.00

Register after that including at the door for $15.00

More information (631) 499-7171


Presbytery Day is focusing on four areas this year:




Pastoral Care


Workshops include the following:

1A:   Sing “Glory to God” with Our New Hymnal

1B:   Global Mission in Our Presbytery

1C:   Grassroots Gun Violence Prevention 101

2A:   Building a Legacy: Planned Giving in the Local Church

2B:   Beyond Charity: The Discipleship of Advocacy

2C: & 3A:    Sing “Glory to God!”

2D:   The Church Nursery and Toddlers

2E:   1-2-3-Go: Planning a Retreat

2F:   Biblical Worship or Where does it say that in the Bible?

2G: & 3H:   Understanding Your Senior Living Options: Guidance and Education for an Efficient Transition

2H:   Keeping our children Safe: Adult-child Interaction Guidelines

3B:   Building Trust, Preventing Disaster: Financial controls and Other Insights

3C:   Taking Faith Formation Online

3D:   Holmes Camp and Your church

3E:   “Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits Plan (for Pastors) but Forgot to Ask

3F:   Hands-On Sunday School

3G:   Back to the Future: Stewardship and Giving in the 21st Century Church

3 H:   The 21st Century Sunday School

Note:  Full brochure on bulletin board, copies available.

If you would like help registering, see Barbara M.


Session Notes


The last regular Session meeting was June 30 and a special Session meeting was held August 11. 


   The meetings open with prayer.  There was a discussion with members of the Finance Committee regarding the manse, approval of bills, and how to handle the stewardship campaign since James L. has moved and has subsequently resigned from Session.  There are some obvious changes since we have lost the manse donation but also there are reduced expenses for the manse.  They mentioned that an outside financial auditor reviewed our books and found them to be in order with no problems.  This audit was paid for by a contribution from a member. 

   Minutes of the May 11, and May 27th meetings were reviewed and approved.  The Budget report was reviewed and accepted with thanks.  We discussed the Adopt a Bill program and considered new ways to manage this. 

   We discussed commencement celebration.  Carbon Monoxide detectors have been installed as required by new regulations. 

   We expressed gratitude for the Fire Department who sent 3 volunteers to assist us to replace the flag pole rope with their bucket truck.   We also sent them a thanks. 

   Materials from the recent General Assembly actions were reviewed and discussed.  The Interim Search Committee reported that they are still seeking suitable candidates.  There is a conference in Florida August 11-14 where one of the Presbytery members will attend and represent our interests in seeking a new Pastor. 

   We reviewed the report of the hard work of the Worship Committee in seeking pulpit supply Pastors.  They have been very caring and dedicated in their efforts to obtain Pastors to lead worship weekly. 

   Kurt C. (subsequent to the meeting ) did an excellent job replacing a rotted part of the stairs at the side to the playground area. 

   Edna A. and Virginia G. worked hard to refresh our bulletin boards.  They look good and provide good information. 

   Rev. Pratt shared with the Session that he has announced his resignation from Baldwin Presbyterian Church and will be moving to Maryland to serve as Pastor for a church there.    The meeting closed with prayer.          








Christian Education


   The beginning of a new school year brings excitement, a fresh start and the resumption of Sunday School on September 7.  We anticipate a great year full of new lessons, crafts, activities, games and music.  As teachers, we have as much fun as our students and love to see them learning while having a great time. 

   Sometime in September of October, Woody and G. Davis will be moving to California.  We wish them much happiness and joy but we will miss them.  Ginni has been a mainstay in our Sunday School program for years.  Now we need people to step up and fill the vacancy she will leave.  Please search your hearts and consider giving some of your time to our children.  The children are the future of our church.  They will need you in the months to come.  It’s time to show them you care and let them know that they are important. 

   Brenda B. and I will continue to teach but Brenda goes to Florida for several months in the winter and both of us need to attend the full church service some of the time.  We really need a third adult to teach every other Sunday and another one or two to be substitute teachers or assistants. 

   We have a curriculum that teaches a Christian lesson for each session.  It includes ideas for crafts, games, and other activities that reinforce the lesson.  There are enough suggestions that you can pick and choose what ones you like and feel comfortable using.

   We also need to make nursery care available so that parents of recently baptized babies will have care for them when they attend church.  So, we need volunteers that would be willing to watch the babies and toddlers one Sunday every other month or so. 

   Several of you would make fabulous teachers and many of you would make great assistants.  Think of the difference you can make in the lives of the children.  Please contact either Brenda or me and volunteer to help our church to thrive by teaching and caring for our children.

    Christine J.






Church Life


“God creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join Him in the work He does, the good work He has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.”  Ephesians 2:10

   Welcome back after enjoying the gift of such a beautiful summer.  The Church Life Committee has planned an exciting Fall full of activities, old and new.  Several nights of our popular Pot Luck Supper and Games will be offered, Military Bridge will be making a come- back on October 17 and the White Elephant/Christmas Boutique is scheduled for November 15.

   We need to borrow as many card tables as we are able for the Military Bridge.  There is a sign-up list on the Church Life bulletin board.  Please list your name and the quantity you are able to offer.  Also, we are asking for prize donations of new items.  Several items already received have included, candle holders, figurines, and wind comes.  Anything you are able to give will defray the cost of purchasing enough prizes so that everyone receives one.  That seems to be the “norm” when hosting this event.  The cost of admittance is $10.  We have engaged a professional caller and will be serving refreshments which we are also hoping will be donated.  Chances will be sold for Merchant Gift Certificates and any other donated gifts.  Reservations must be made in advance.  Please contact Anita O., Maureen W. or Barrie S. for more information and tickets.

   Our sale in November is progressing with many donations already received from people who have recently moved or are in the process of moving.  We have been storing the donations in the Manse until ready for set up in the Barbara Pastor Fellowship Hall on Wednesday, November 12th. 

   We are very excited about the plans we have made for the Fall and look forward to working with all of you who can manage to donate some time to help us.

   Thank you,

Anita O. and the Committee.                                                       


Late news:   The church life committee plans to hold a Pot Luck supper and Game Night on September 26, 2014 at 6 pm.   We would like so much if you can come. 










Deacon’s Doings

I hope everyone had a good summer.  Time goes so fast.


Before you know it, there’ll be a collection for pies for the Thanksgiving dinner.  Then we’ll have an adopt a family who needs our help.  We always need volunteers to help decorate our church for Christmas. 


We continue to ask you to please bring food for the food pantry that is in desperate need of food donations.  Thank you to all who have helped.

Maude A.


Worship Committee

   After a log of trial and error, we have solved some of the Pulpit Supply problems.  General Presbyter, Mark T. agreed to allow Rev. Janet P. (Methodist) to fill our pulpit for the rest of this year;  Rev. Janet will preach most Sundays now through Christmas. 

   Ruling elder Margaret C. has graciously agreed to preach, the Sundays Rev. Janet is not available.  Our own Barbara M. has agreed to fill any Sunday that Rev. Janet or Elder Margaret is unable to be with us. 

   Christine J. keeps us totally up to date with the search committee status allowing us to think and prepare well in advance.


Ailie D.                                     

                                 Stewardship Notes

   The Presbyterian Peacemaking Offering supports the efforts of Presbyterians through their congregations, presbyteries, synods, and the Presbyterian Mission Agency to work for peace by working to transform cultures of violence into communities of peace.  The day recommended for congregations to receive the Offering is World Communion Sunday, which celebrates the unity of the worldwide church through Christ as Christians around the world participate in the Lord’s Supper/.

   Gifts to the Offering are used in a variety of peacemaking efforts at all levels of the Presbyterian church (U.S.A.)

25% is retained by congregations

25% is used by presbyteries and synods.

50% is allocated to the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s peacemaking ministries.

   The Season of Peace begins September 7 and concludes with World Communion Sunday on October 5, 2014.  Please give generously.





“What’s Happening?”

Number 49


September 2014

Audrey H.


“Everything is possible for him who believes.”    Mark 9:23


   It has not been long since we returned from Ohio to attend the wedding of our Grandson Ryan.  It was a wonderful occasion and time to see all of our family and friends out there.  So as usual, there may be things I forget.

   It was nice to have guest preachers during the summer and as always we love having Margaret C. to worship with us.  Ailie D. does a great job arranging for the guest pastors while we are searching for a new minister.  She also does a great job as head of the Worship Committee.

   Thanks so much to Ginni D. for the lovely flowers she brought for church during the summer.

   It was nice to have Pat S. visit during the summer.  We haven’t seen her for a long time.

   We were sorry to hear of Joanne B. passing and our thoughts and prayers are with Jeanette always.

   Nice to have the Christening of Jagger H., son of Kimberly and Frank and grandson of Kathy and Bob T.  He is adorable.

   Anita is busy planning things as usual and we will be having a Military Bridge Night on October 17th.  We are in need of card tables for this event if you can help out.  We had a pot Luck and game night and there will be another in the fall.  Everyone should make an effort to attend these events that are coming up.  Fellowship is important!

   WE had a Worship Committee meeting with Janet P. since she will be leading worship frequently.  Brenda has joined the committee with all her knowledge about the music and Suzie C. will be our permanent Worship Assistant.

   Don’t forget that the Comaria Retreat of Long Island Presbyterian Women is October 7–8, 2014


I can’t believe that summer is about over and fall is on the way!





















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