First Presbyterian Church at Christian Hook, Oceanside, New York


First Presbyterian Church

“ Loving God by Serving All”


You may come as a stranger to us; yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.







Sunday Church Service: 10:30 a.m.

Christmas Eve Service :





Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

     Here are some words I read and thoughts I had in reflection.

     Joseph had a dream in which an angel says “Joseph, don’t be afraid go ahead and marry her.  The child belongs to God.  It’s a boy and its God with us.”  Joseph is a wonderful visionary who desperately wants the dream to be true.  He wants to believe.

     What kind of person pays attention to a dream and listens to angels?  God’s angels speak this word to all of us: “Don’t be afraid to believe, to walk a different path, to follow dreams.”  We’re tempted to live a careful life, a careful faith, keep six of the Ten Commandments, go to church three out of four Sundays, give money we don’t need and times we can spare, try to do more good than bad, offer some grace and some judgment, believe the parts of the Bible with which we already agree.

     God invites us to wish for what’s true.  God’s people long for God, even if they sometimes wonder what that means.  The yearning itself is following God’s dreams for us.  Whenever we’re dissatisfied with a cautious faith, it’s because God wants more for us. 

     God invites us to stop being so cautious.  Dream of yourself loving God with all your hear-caring not at all about the expectations of those who have forgotten how to dream.  Dream of the people you love letting go of jealousy and cynicism, offering only words of kindness to one another.  Dream of the church as a family where male and female, black and white, rich and poor, liberal and conservative, straight and gay, old and young, saints and sinners gather to give thanks to God.  Dream of a world where people take chances to help others and discover that God is not only our hope, but that God has placed that hope within us.  Dream of God waiting for us to take one step in the direction of grace and discover the love that’s always with us.

     God speaks and calls to us in many ways, dreams are just one of them.  Listen for Him this advent, a New Year is almost upon us, who knows what wonderful opportunities or new beginnings await each of us.  Only God knows it’s for us to find out!!  Be prepared and be assured Emmanuel walks with us every day.  


 Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Christmas,

Pastor Janet and Bob




You are cordially invited to attend a Birthday Celebration: 

Guest of Honor:  JESUS CHRIST 

Date: Everyday.  Traditionally December 25, but He’s always around, so the date is flexible.

Time:  Whenever you’re ready…please don’t be too late, though; or you’ll miss out on all the fun.

Place:  In your heart. He’ll meet you there… you’ll hear him knock. 

Attire:  Come as you are…grubbies are okay.  He’ll be washing our clothes anyway.  He said something about new white robes and crowns for everyone who stays till the last.

Tickets: Admission is free.  He’s already paid for everyone.

(He says…You would not have been able to afford it.  It’s cost Him everything He had!)

Refreshments: New wine, bread and a far-out drink He calls “Living Water”, followed by a supper that promises to be out of this world!

Gift Suggestions: Your Heart.  He’s one of those people who already has everything else. (He’s very generous in return, though; wait till you see what He has for you!)

Entertainment: Joy, Peace, Truth, Light, Life, Love, Real Happiness, Communion with God, Forgiveness, Miracles, Healing, Power, Eternity in Paradise, and much more! (All rater “G” so bring your family and friends.)

RSVP  Very Important!  He must know ahead so he can reserve a spot for you at the table.  Also. He’s keeping a list of His friends for future reference.  He calls it the “Lamb’s Book of Life”

Party Being Given By His Kids (that’s us).  Hope to See You There!




Sunday, December 21, we will learn why “Mary Had a Little Lamb” with the children of our Sunday School (and some adults, too) in this year’s rendition of our annual Christmas pageant.  The pageant will take place during our regular worship service at 10:30am.  Following worship, everyone is invited to the Barbara Pastor Fellowship Hall where there will be a birthday party for Jesus.  There will be two rehearsals for all involved.  The first one will be on Sunday, December 7 immediately following worship in order to become familiar with the script and the speaking parts.  The second one will be a dress rehearsal on December 14.  Be sure to mark your calendars for this special event.  If you have any questions or would like to help plan or set up for the birthday party, please contact Brenda B.

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be no Sunday school class on December 28.  Class will resume on January 4.

The Christmas Jar



Before she moved, Ginni D. left us a Christmas jar with some coins in it.  After reading the book “Christmas Jars” by Jason F. Wright, I surmised that the jar was given to Ginni & Woody after hurricane Sandy.

The basis of the story is that a family saves their coins in a jar throughout the year and at Christmas time gives the jar to a person or family who is in need financially, emotionally, etc.  The donation is done anonymously.  There is a local family who is in particular need financially and emotionally this year.  The family consists of the parents, their 21 year old learning disabled daughter, their 25 year old son, his fiance and their one year old grandson all living together in a small house.  The parents are living paycheck to paycheck and their son just has his hours cut at work.  The son has voluntarily helped our church out many times when there has been heavy work to do.

Session has approved passing Ginni’s jar on to this family with the addition of your spare coins to help this family have a brighter Christmas.  This is in no way meant to replace any donations towards our usual adopt-a family project.  We are only asking for your spare change.  It’s amazing how quickly a little change adds up.  Thank you to those who have already been so generous to this worthwhile project.

May you all have a blessed Christmas.

Brenda & Richie B.


Church Life

The Church Life committee is very happy to report that our Elephant Sale/Holiday Fair was a huge success.  The weather on Saturday, November 15th was sunny and cold but it did not deter anyone from attending.  Our donated merchandise this year was of higher than usual quality which was reflected in the amount received that day.  Several tables of items are on display for all the user groups, Pumpkin Patch teachers and members of the Congregation to purchase. 

Many thanks to my very dedicated and hard working committee!!.  Many thinks, also to all who assisted with setting up, pricing items, supplying refreshments for the workers, baking for our baked goods table, working the day of the sale and accomplishing the very difficult task of packing away usable items for other future functions, preparing donation bags and boxes for Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s and returning Fellowship Hall to its presale condition.   

Thanks also to Scoutmaster Tony M. and his Troop # 303 for moving items from the manse and our 3rd floor storage room to Fellowship Hall and then up from Fellowship Hall for BB/BS pick up.  They are very eager and capable young men.  We wish you much luck in your future achievements.    

Anita O.


Deacon’s Doings

I have been making announcements about adopt a family in worship.  We have a Mom, with a son 6 and one 9, plus a daughter 16.  Here are the sizes for the children:

   Boy 6   Size 8-10  He needs jeans with an elastic waist, hooded sweatshirt and gloves, and pj’s

   Boy 9   Size 10-112   He needs shirts, pants, hooded sweatshirt and gloves, and pj’s

   Girl 16  She is a ladies size S and Size 2 jeans.  She would like a Harry Potter shirt.  (No DVD or CD’s)

   There’s also a list of toys if you are interested.  Of course, money is always welcome.  Thank you to all who have already given to this very needy family.  

   Maude A.


Session Notes

Session and Deacons met initially together November 11, 2014 and the meeting opened with prayer led by our Moderator, The Rev. Janice Moore-Caputo. 

The Session discussed and approved moving forward with the project of replacing the Fellowship Hall and Steeple Roof in the near future.  After Hurricane Sandy when we had lost shingles on both the  Fellowship Hall and Steeple, we planned to replace those roofs for a cost of $ 29,000+, expecting the cost to be primarily covered by the insurance.  However we learned that our deductible would be $33,000.  That was very discouraging so we patched both roofs.  We also reported the problem to the Presbytery and its General Presbyter.  The Board of Trustees called the Insurance company in and was distressed with their handling of deductibles.  Since Presbytery and most of the Presbyterian Churches had used the same insurance company we all changed to a different company. 

About a month ago, we received a letter which stated that NY State Finance Department deemed their Named Storm deductible endorsement illegal and so they would cover the cost of the roofs as planned.  We have engaged the original company and we believe that the roofs will be replaced shortly after Easter. 

We approved the Christmas Jar mission project.  We also learned that a lawsuit from a person allegedly falling in the parking lot on snow or ice several years ago was requested to be dismissed. 

We discussed the great activities of the Western Cluster for our Youth and the plans for some adult joint activities for possible advent and for Lent.  They will meet here December 5 for their next meeting. 


We concluded our usual business and reports from the various committees and adjourned with prayer led by Pastor Janice. 

Barbara M.          


Mission Report

     Our denomination has 4 major mission offerings each year and the last Christmas Joy which is received during Advent is starting now.  This offering is focused on “Serving Those Who Have Served”, on Pastors and other mission staff.

     Reverend Thomas “Thom” Beech, now retired, says the Board of Pensions saved his life.  “Without their help, I’d be out on the street.”  Rev. Beech spent a lifetime in service to others.  For him, it was a calling he never expected.

     “ I was already out of high school and working in the service industry when a man stopped in from my church”, he says, “I asked the guy why he was going into ministry.  He told me about all the social ministry and good he would do with his life, and a voice in my head said ’Why not you?’”

      After attending Westminster Seminary in Pennsylvania, Rev. Beech began his ministry in North Dakota.  He and his wife could not have children, and they eventually adopted four Native American children in need.  Rev. Beech credits his children for what began years of ministry with Native Americans.

     “I served with Apaches in New Mexico and later Navajos in Arizona, among others,” he says.  “I also worked in West Virginia doing ’tentmaking’.  I’ve always had small churches and farm churches.”

      But in 2003, after a lifetime of service, he found himself alone in Florida struggling to get by while caring for his wife, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.  Then, someone from Westminster Manor in Bradenton, Florida, contact him asking why he was the only retired Presbyterian minister in the area not part of their community, run by Presbyterians.

      When he explained he could not afford it, the group contacted the Board of Pensions, which offered Rev. Beech help through the Income Supplement and Housing Supplement program, supported, in part, by your gifts to the Christmas Joy Offering.

      It made a difference, perhaps just when it counted the most.  Rev. Beech lost his wife just a year after moving into Westminster, but he was not alone.

      “I have hundreds of close friends now.  Everybody here cares,” he said, “It might not be as fancy or as new as some other places, but it’s really nice, and the friendly people here make all the difference.”


Please give generously!



                                      What’s Happening?

                                              Number 52

                                         December 2014

                                          By Audrey H.


“I tell you, many will come from east and west and will eat with

     Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom.”  Matthew 8:11

It is December and now we are all looking forward to our Christmas

Celebration with our church, family and friends.  This is always nice

after Thanksgiving and I hope you all had a good one.     

November was a busy month.  The Elephant Sale was a huge success

and we made more money for our church than usual which was

great. Thanks to Anita O. for all she did for this and many of

the events we have in our church. 

November 11th which is Veteran’s Day was Fred’s 67th anniversary

of his discharge from the Army.  Time surely flies, doesn’t it?

Rich B. celebrated his 65th birthday on November 12th.

He is such a great guy and he does so much for our church and

takes care of lots of details that we never think of.

I think some of you know Clara J.  She was in touch with

me and sends her best to everyone.

Jessica C. takes care of distributing food for the needy

so don’t forget to bring some whenever you can.  And she says,

                             “Don’t forget – Sundays Rock”

Also remember that December 7th is Pearl Harbor Remembrance


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

“Keep a song in your heart”









DEADLINE – December 7, 2014


The plants are 6 inches tall from rim of pot.


RED (amt)________  WHITE (amt)________


Total Number of plants_______


                 TOTAL COST__________@ $15.00 each


(Please make checks payable to FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH,

note that the check is for Christmas Poinsettia(s)

and attach to this form.




_____ I will pick up after the service on Christmas Eve.


_____ I will pick up as above and deliver to



                a member of our congregation.



Please do not pick up flowers until after the Christmas Eve service.



These flowers are dedicated to the glory of God:


In loving memory of:



In honor of:



In celebration of:



FROM: Name:________________________________


 Phone #:_______________¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________


Orders cannot be accepted after December 7, 2013. 

Please accommodate this request.


Require additional information??

Contact Jeanne C.





















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If you have any questions or need further information please call church office at 516-766-5916 and fax is (516) 766-5014