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“ Loving God by Serving All”


You may come as a stranger to us;yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.

Sunday Church Service: 10:30 a.m.



                                                       GIVING PEACE A CHANCE

             General Assembly Moderator Rada joins Boulder Interfaith Peace Walk


  So, an iman, a rabbi, and a Presbyterian minister met in a parking lot…  To be precise, they met on the afternoon of Sept. 11 in the parking lot of the Islamic Center of Boulder Colorado, along with 150 members from local Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faith groups.  They congregated to commemorate, celebrate and cross-pollinate with an organized “Walk for Peace and Solidarity.”

   This unlikely band of men, women, and children gathered to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  While not uncommon for interfaith groups o recall the tragic events of 9/11, this group had an additional and much more personal reason to gather.

   The buildings of the three main participants – the Islamic Center, Congregation Har HaShem, and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church are lined up just blocks from each other along one of Boulder’s busiest thoroughfares.  They also sit squarely in the floodplain of Boulder Creek, a normally tranquil trickle that roared to life during the worst deluge in Colorado history on 9/11/13.

   According to St. Andrew pastor and event co-coordinator the Rev. Stan Adamson, “This date   to coincide with the one year anniversary of the 2013 floods that devastated Boulder.  Muslims at the Islamic Center, who had experienced flooding in the basement of their building, were deeply moved that it was Christians and Jews who came to help them clean up.”

   Indeed, the walk served as a joyful show of celebration for acts of goodwill, cooperation, and friendship.

   Finally, the event organizers affirmed the local cross-pollination opportunities that are allowing these ancient faith groups to shed their inhibitions and really get to know each other.  “Jesus taught us that the second of the two great commandments from the Torah (Leviticus 19:18) calls upon us not just to tolerate, but rather to ‘love our neighbor as ourselves,’” Adamson stated.

   “September 11 can be redeemed as Jews, Christians, Muslims, and members of other faith groups learn to love each other as individuals, and not allow external prejudices to be imposed, “ he added,  “We tried to model this friendship with a walk – not a protest or demonstration – but a celebration of our solidarity s neighbors.”

   Joining this interfaith event was the newly-minted moderator of the 221st Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly, Heath Rada.  “As Moderator, I am participating in this event (to show) that the PCUSA embraces our fellow human beings and does not affirm the hatred and divisions which the radical elements of all of our faiths hide behind to support their selfish motives.”  Rada said,  “Our denomination has had a reputation of being a force for justice for many years.  Likewise, the Lord we serve modeled for us the importance of being peacemakers.”

   Rada continued: “It weighs heavy on my heart that our world is so divided in regard to religions that we are willing to kill one another.  The commemoration of Sept. 11 in Boulder provided people of different faith traditions an opportunity to join hands and show our unity and our support for positive relations.  Though we may differ in our understandings and interpretations of God, we share a belief in the goodness of each other and our desire to stand up for justice and to provide hope to those who feel hopeless.  Sept 11 is a day of remorse and horror.  May we seek to find ways to turn it into a day for coming together as peacemakers”.

   So what’s the punch line to the seemingly disparate spiritual leaders who met in a parking lot?

The imam says Salaam.

The rabbi says Shalom.

The minister says Peace.

No joke… only when we say it, walk it, and do it together can we give peace a chance!

This was a letter on PCUSA website and the Presbytery of LI website.







The Sunday School is up and running.  We have had some exciting lessons and great fun together.  All are welcome, don’t stay away, we love to see our students!  We invite you to join us as we honor Ginni D. on October 12th at a special coffee hour reception in her honor.  I know she would love to see you all there.

The Monday school study group has been reading and discussing the book “Why prayer makes sense” by Ed Strauss.  I know they enjoy new members with fresh thoughts and perspectives.  Join the conversation!  Call Brenda if interested.


Attention Young Adults

A group of Presbyterian churches have banded together to form the West End Presbyterian Cluster.  This roaming youth group includes your people from seven Long Island Churches. (Baldwin, Freeport, Garden City, Glen Cove, Malverne, Massapequa, Sweet Hollow in Melville and now Oceanside).

One of the goals of this cluster is to provide opportunities for youth fellowship.  Upcoming events include Rise of Jack –O-Lantern, Sweet Hollow

Smashing pumpkins November 2 and a retreat weekend at Holmes November 7 & 8.  In addition fun events are planned monthly.  Any young adult in 7-12 grade is welcome.  Our Church Session has agreed to pay the annual dues for this year.  We will join this roaming cluster of churches and welcome these young people to our church in rotation throughout the coming year. 

Akousa and I will be reaching out to each of you in the coming month, to determine if any of you have an interest in fellowship among your peers.  We hope that you will contact either of us as well if you feel comfortable. 

We hope to bring everyone together some time in early October to discuss our options and explain more about the workings of the Cluster as we receive more information.  




Our first pot luck dinner and game night was held on Friday 26th at 6 pm.  It was attended by twelve church members and one guest who quickly became our “friend”.  We all enjoyed a delicious array of specialty dishes and desserts followed by several games, many laughs and great fellowship.


Military Bridge will be making a come- back on October 17 and the White Elephant/Christmas boutique is scheduled for November 15th.


We need to borrow many card tables for the Military Bridge.  There is a sign-up list on the Church Life bulletin board.  Please list your name and the quantity you are able to offer or call Anita.  Also we are asking for donations of ne items to be offered as prizes.  Several items already received have included candle holders, figurines and wind chimes.  Anything you are able to give will defray the cost of purchasing enough prizes so that everyone receives one. That seems to be the “norm” when hosting this event.  The cost of admittance is $10.  We have engaged a professional caller and will be serving refreshments which we are also hoping will be donated.  Chances will be sold for Merchant gift Certificates and any other donated gifts.  Reservations must be made in advance.  Please contact Anita , Maureen, or Barrie  for more information and tickets. 


Our sale in November is progressing with many donations already received from people who have recently moved or are in the process of moving.  We have been storing the donations in the Manse until ready for set up in the Barbara Pastor Fellowship Hall on Wednesday, November 12th.

We are very excited about the plans we have made for the Fall and look forward to working with all of you who can manage to donate some time to help us.

Thank you,


Anita and Committee


The Oceanside Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be at St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic  Church on Tuesday November 25, at 7:30 pm.  



The Deacon’s Doings


We had our first meeting and it was a busy one.  There’s a need for willing disciples to sign up for coffee hour.  It gives all of us an opportunity for fellowship with one another each Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who has provided refreshments after church this year. 


Please keep in mind to bring items needed from the list for the Food for the Needy.

Here’s the list for items needed for the Freeport Food Pantry:

                Canned Vegetables /soups (low salt/low fat)

                Canned/Dried Fruit

                100 % fruit juice (not fruit drink)

                pasta, rice, canned beans

                complete pancake mix

                Oatmeal, grits, dry cereal (non/low sugar)

                Canned tuna, chicken, salmon (in water)

                canned stew

                nuts (low salt), peanut butter/ jelly

                dry milk, parmalat

                blankets/ used clean clothes/ new clothes

                infant formula powder Enfamil w/lipi or Similac advance

                Shampoo, Soap, toothpaste/brushes, toiletries

                Diapers (3-5), paper towels, toilet paper

                School supplies 


A Way Forward

On Sunday September 28, Edna  and I attended a workshop at Garden City Presbyterian Church.  The event was organized by the Presbytery Committee on Ministry because there are a group of churches in Western Nassau County that have different but similar problems.  The churches include Oceanside, Baldwin, Malverne, Massapequa, who are without Pastor’s at this point.  Massapequa has an Interim but he may be leaving soon after the New Year.  Membership is lower than in previous times and there are also financial concerns in some of the churches.  In addition to the churches without Pastors there were included Garden City, Freeport, Merrick, Glen Cove, Great Neck, Levittown.   We were well armed with the answers to the 4 questions from the members of our congregation..  There were excellent presentations on possible models for organizing churches.  We all agreed that we need to work cooperatively as “We are stronger together.”   We discussed some ways to move ahead and you will hear more of that in the near future.


 Edna & Barbara



“What’s Happening?”

Number 50

October 2014



“Peace I leave with you: My peace I give unto you.”  John 14:27


Well, even though summer is over it doesn’t feel like it when it is

80 degrees!  Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Fred and I ushered on August 31st and I have to confess that it was the only time I have done so since I joined the church in 1961.  However, during that time I was teaching Sunday School for quite a few years and after that I joined the Chancel Choir.

The LI Presbyterian Women’s Fall Gathering in Southampton was on

September 24th and Anita, Barrie and I were able to attend.  It was a

very good gathering of people from all over but most were from out

there and we were the ones who came farthest. The program was done by Jeanne B. and it was very spiritual and enjoyed by all.  Jeanne has done one of the programs at Cormaria and I remember her from that.  One thing that she mentioned is that if you rearrange all the letters in  “Presbyterian” it reads “Best in Prayer”.  We did a lot of praying with each other and we were separated from those who we came with and mixed with those who were from other places which was very interesting.

Cormaria is coming up and we have five attending that event which is always great.  I will report on that in my next column.

We had a Pot Luck supper and game night recently and we all enjoyed all the good food that folks brought.  More of you should try to put these events on your calendar.

Your Choir is glad to be back on the Chancel now that fall is here.  We always enjoy worshiping with you with music. 

Elsebeth T. a former member of our congregation who is now

living in Maine always enjoys reading our Presbyteer.  She sends her best to everyone here.


“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

AH                                                                                                                          Eleanor Roosevelt


Session Notes

Rev. Janice Moore-Caputo now moderates our Session since Rev. Adrian Pratt left Baldwin Presbyterian and moved to Maryland.  This month Session met alone but next month will meet the same night as Deacons. 

The Deacon’s have chosen to provide visitation to our shut in’s rather than to go to East Rockaway Progressive Care.  We would be grateful if members of the congregation would volunteer to help when we go each month.  We believe that we will be going during the week rather than on Sundays. 

Richie B. and I have been working with the sound system trying to help make the remarks of the Pastor more audible.  I think we have made some progress.  We also have a large print bulletin if anyone needs one.  It will help if you let Barbara know before Sunday so that it is printed for you. 

The broken fence has been repaired.  Edna A. and Barbara were appointed to attend The Way Forward event at Garden City.  The per capita cost will increase in 2015 by 5 cents to $30.83 per member. 

Rev. Janet Porcher is now preaching more consistently at our church and is also available to provide pastoral care and counseling.

Ginni D. is working in behalf of the Christian Ed committee to update the policy on Sexual Abuse which will be finalized at the next meeting. 

We have joined the Western Nassau County cluster which will enable us to gain access to youth programs, confirmation class, and some education programs for times like Lent and possibly Advent.

Barbara M. 


Giving Notes


Each year at this time we are given an opportunity to consider what we give to the church in response to God’s amazing gifts to us.  Throughout the Bible there are teachings about giving of our time, talents and treasure for God for the work of the church.  In Proverbs 3:9 it says, “Honor the Lord with your substance and with the first fruits of all your produce.”   For the last few weeks in worship, we have been learning from Jesus teachings in Matthew about rightful use of that which God has given us.  Think carefully about God’s goodness and our responsibility to therefore reach out to help others to further his kingdom.       

Edna A. and Barbara M.


















Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbytery of Long Island






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