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You may come as a stranger to us;yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.

Sunday Church Service: 10:30 a.m.



This is an article from Mission Year Book 2013 for The Presbytery of Long Island.


Two years ago, a Valley Stream Presbyterian Church (VSPC) youth was randomly and brutally attacked by five young men just two houses from the church building. Through this horrible incident, God has brought blessings of a new and relevant ministry to the congregation and community.


Under the leadership of Rev. Kymberley C., pastor of VSPC, and in partnership with Memorial Presbyterian Church (Roosevelt) and the community, VSPC now ministers to young males through the W.A.N.T.E.D. Project.


The question raised was, “What do we most want our sons, even the perpetrators of crime, to know about themselves?”  The answer was “We want them to know they are wanted.”  So, instead of telling the young men of the world that they are “wanted” in a negative sense, the W.A.N.T.E.D. Project tells young men instead that they are worthy, accountable, named, thankful, empowered, and determined.  It has taken the future of young males to heart and is addressing the issues that plague many young men between the ages of 12 and 18.


In May 2011, W.A.N.T.E.D. began its first class, with 15 young men participating.  Each week of the seven-week program, the youth learn what it means to be wanted in positive terms, and each class culminates with an “I AM W.A.N.T.E.D.” celebration honoring graduates completing the program.  The program continues with monthly meetings to support the young men.  They also learn how to mentor incoming participants, which gains them community-service points.                                         1.


The outpouring of support for W.A.N.T.E.D. has been tremendous.  Parents who hear about the program almost always respond, “Thank God!  When can they start?”  The congregations in the partnership are grateful to answer God’s call to serve their community in a loving and caring way. 


The Presbytery of Long Island’s 57 congregations, two New Church Developments, and two immigrant fellowships have a total membership of 10,855.


Let us pray:   Thank you, Lord, for turning anger into action, and sadness into hope.  Thank you that we have learned that faith, love, justice, and a sense of community can indeed move mountains and that our work can provide the promise of a brighter future for those in need.     Amen


What’s Happening?

June 2014

By Audrey H.

Number 48

“The Lord will guide you always”

Isaiah 58:11


I can’t think of a better way to start this column off then to tell you about our Ladies R & R which was in the beginning of May.  This was our 40th R & R and it really moves me to think that we have been doing this so long.  Barrie Simpson was my partner planning this program and helped me so much.  I will have to say that this one was one of the best ever.  Our program was on “Prayer and Patience” and it was Lorraine G. who lead us in this direction.  She is so good at suggestions for our themes. We were so happy to have Edna A. with us as a newbie and we all enjoyed having her with us and getting to know her better. While we were there some of were looking at the sky and all of a sudden in a space in a cloud there was a cross.  We were amazed at that and knew that God was with us.  I wanted to take a picture but it was gone in a minute.  Elsebeth T. and Clara J. were thinking of us and wishing they could be there with us.  They send their very best.

Edna, I thank you for your kind words in church which meant so much to me.  More of you should consider joining us – you don’t know how much you are missing.


Also in the beginning of May we celebrated Jeanne C. 70th Birthday which was great. We were happy to see all of the Remsen family when Jessica’s baby was baptized recently.  Also it was so good to see some of them in church again this month.  It is so nice to have them with us.


Valerie S. was off to Florida after Mother’s Day to celebrate her 62nd High School Reunion and visit with old friends.  What a milestone that is.  That just reminded me that this June is the 65th anniversary of my graduation from high school.  Wow!

I celebrated my 83rd birthday this month and Fred and I celebrated our 63rd wedding anniversary.  It doesn’t seem possible!

Ann and Les went to their place in New Hampshire to vacation but they will be back soon.


Just about when you are receiving and reading this issue of the Presbyteer, we will be celebrating the confirmation of Dennis S.

(June 1st).  At this time we are all looking forward to his special day because he is so special.


Please mark your calendars and try to attend the LI Presbyterian Women’s Retreat at the Cormaria Retreat Center in Sag Harbor.  This is another event that is special and it is run each year usually by a different minister.  The date this year is Tuesday October 7th over to Wednesday October 8th.  Those of who have attended this can tell you that it is a very special time.


Prayers are needed for Cathy P. who fell and dislocated her shoulder and fractured her arm.  She is on the mend and says hello to everyone.

Memorial weekend is here and I hope you all have an enjoyable time.

We were at the parade and ceremony afterwards and it was good to be there.

Now we will be heading into summer and I hope the weather gets a bit better.  The Presbyteer will be on vacation in July and August so my next message to you will be in September.  Enjoy the summer!!





The Deacon’s Doings



This article is about the job of taking care of paraments.  Deacon Virginia G. does a fantastic job of all the things to be done and here is a list:

        Obtain a calendar for the liturgical year.  It shows the color of paraments used for Advent, Christmas, Lent – Easter, Pentecost and ordinary time with dates.

        For communion there’s a schedule set-up and clean up that she makes up and reminds the deacons who set and clean up communion each month.

        She is also in charge of candles which are for the Advent Wreath, Christmas Eve, Christmas Pew Globes and special Christ candle.  The Saturday before Easter the church is set up for Easter. 

        Virginia schedules deacons for silver polishing or she does it herself. 

        She also arranges the cleaning of the paraments and the flags.  You’ve seen her volunteer to usher and she routinely helps set up coffee hour.  Thank God for Deacons and all the people who help and volunteer.


Maude A.

Vice President of Deacons


Coffee Hour


The Deacons would like to thank everyone who has provided refreshments after church this past year.  These coffee hours gave all of us an opportunity for fellowship with one another each Sunday.


June 1, will be confirmation Sunday and coffee and cake will be served after church.  On June 22, our graduates will be honored with a reception after service.  Please join us on these two occasions.


Starting June 29, we need volunteers to serve light refreshments in Speer Parlor.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the side door leaving the church. 


Please sign up so we can catch up with each other after church during the Summer months.       Thank you.


Maureen W.



Christian Education News


Congratulations Dennis!   He is getting confirmed on June first.  We know firsthand the hard work and dedication that brought him to this point.  All of us are very proud of the young man he has become.  He will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Cheers all go out to Tariek who will be graduating high school this month.  We are all very excited to share in his achievement, as we celebrate commencement Sunday.  The Session will be hosting coffee hour in his honor on June 22nd. 


Please join us as we show our support for these exceptional young men.  May God bless them both now and always. 


For all interested parties, the last day of Sunday School will be June 15.  Nursery coverage over the summer is still in the early stages of development.  Anyone interested please let me, Brenda, or Ginni know.  Monday school will continue through-out the summer months. (June, July, and August)


PS.   Should anyone know of any other graduates, from high school or college, please contact me so that we can properly invite them and their family.


Christine J.



June Interfaith Council Report


Interfaith Council


The planned discussion titled “Love Your Neighbor” has been postponed to a future date.  Pastor P. of the Oceanside Methodist church during the service after the Memorial Day parade.  The last meeting before the summer hiatus will be held at Temple Avodah on June 12th at 9:15am.  Join in and become part of the Interfaith community.


Anita O.


                Church World Service Father’s Day Tool Cards                                                              

The CWS Father’s Day Tool Cards are available on the table across from the church office.  The expected donation is $5.00.




Church Life


Saturday, May 17th was a beautiful warm and sunny day, greatly appreciated after so many cold and dreary ones.  Fellowship Hall was full of vintage clothing, artfully displayed for men, women and children of all sizes.  the clothing was of excellent quality and priced very low to appeal to all incomes.  We considered this sale to be a mission for all who wished to send clothing to their relatives near and far.  Several customers took advantage of our discounts and expressed their appreciation.


We would have been happy to realize more than $357 but enjoyed acting as personal shoppers for each other.  We all went home with attractive additions to our wardrobe.  Many thinks to all! 


We look forward to our November White Elephant Sale and ask you to start looking through your possessions now to donate to our sale.


Anita O.

Chair Church Life


Pentecost Offering    It is time for this special offering which is focused on children in need.  Envelopes are in the pews and the flyers are in the bulletin.  Please give generously to help those in need.



We were pleased to welcome Rev. John Odom to lead worship on May 25, 2014.  He started his ministry here 25 years ago.  Some of you asked for copies of his sermon for those who could not be in worship.  I have copies for any folks that want one. 




Session Notes


The Session met April 29, and May 27, 2014.  At the April meeting, notice was given that the Presbytery Committee on Ministry gave permission for Barbara M. to lead Holy Communion at the East Rockaway Nursing Home during our worship there on May 14, 2014. 

Approval has been given for the Confirmation of Dennis S. on June 1.  He has attended confirmation class at the Lutheran Church.  We are very proud of his growth in his faith and welcome his as a new member. 


Approval has been given for the Baptism of Kim T.’s son Jagger to be baptized on July 13, 2014.


We have received at each meeting the report of the Interim Search Committee.  Since the new pastor will be paid by Presbytery as well as the church, Rev. Janice M.-C. has joined the Interim Search Committee. 

At the meeting on May 27, we added three additional members Richard B., Maureen W., and Edna A. to the Interim Search Committee.


Assignments were modified in that Christine J. will be co-chair of Christian Education with Ginni D. and Edna A. will be responsible for Mission. 


Anita at the meetings reported on the results of the White Elephant Sale and the Recycled Clothing Sale.  All together the hard work of the committee resulted in raising money. 


Edna reported that we have collected money for Once Great Hour of Sharing and the collections of per capita and benevolence have also been sent to Presbytery for a first quarter payment.  One of our members contributed money for Heifer Project to purchase a Heifer and 2 Water Buffaloes. 


We were pleased that Monday School has resumed and is again meeting each Monday noon.


We are troubled that the old audio tape machine is no longer working and we are then unable to tape the worship service to take to shut-ins.  We are going to investigate replacing it.  


The Deacon’s Doings For May


It seems like spring has finally arrived.  I’d like to bring your attention to the needs of the Freeport Food Pantry.  They are in desperate need of the following items:

        Canned Vegetables/Soups ( low salt/low fat)

        Canned/Dried fruit, Fresh fruit/vegetables (bag or bunch)

        100 % fruit juice (not fruit drink) Dry Milk/ Parmalat

        Pasta, Rice, Canned Beans, Tomato/Spaghetti sauce

        Complete Pancake Mix/Pancake Syrup

        Oatmeal, Grits, Dry Cereal (non/low sugar)

        Canned tuna/chicken/salmon (in water), canned stew

        Nuts (low salt), Peanut Butter (low salt), Jelly

        Infant Formula powder, Enfamil w/Lipil or Similac Advance

        Shampoo, Soap, Toothpaste, brushes, toiletries

        Diapers (size 3-5), Paper Towels, Toilet Paper

        Clothing – spring/summer


Deacon Jessica C. has delivered 60 bags of food, $120.00 of gift cards, and a case of water.  There can’t be any glass items.  Please keep in mind that there is also a need during the summer months.


We wish to thank all who have helped us by bringing items and hope this list is helpful for the future.


Maude A.

Vice President of Deacons





Orders are now being taken for bricks that are placed along our walkways in remembrance of, honor of, celebration of or other meaningful events that you would like to display forever.  The cost of each brick is $100.






As of January 3, 2014 CCAN, Coalition against Child Abuse & Neglect, and NCCADV, Nassau County Coalition against domestic violence, are now merged, with a New Name, and One telephone number.


     The Safe Center LI

       15 Grumman Road West, Ste. 1000

     Bethpage, NY 11714


     Hotline #  516-542-0404



















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Presbytery of Long Island






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