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You may come as a stranger to us; yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.


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Reflections from the PNC

We were placed in the unique position to choose a pastor for a dual call.  A call which would require our new pastor to split her time between here in Oceanside and the City of Long Beach.  She would be our pastor but also minister to members of the Long Beach Community.  It was a daunting task.  Many prospective pastors were reviewed and discussed during our committee meetings.  Few people seemed to meet the distinct needs of each aspect of our call.  Many of us felt God directed our path, and ultimately sent Kally Elliott to us.

We first considered Kally because she is relatively young and had a family, which made her well suited to bring a freshness and vitality to our church.  The young people of our church need support and someone to relate to.  Like answers to like.  We share a hope she becomes a natural draw, while living amongst us.  Further, she has had experience with evangelistic mission.  The 1001 worshipping communities initiative has trained her for this type of work.  She come highly recommended by them and believes strongly in their principles, Namely that church can happen anywhere and does not require a building.  This concept reflects the love and acceptance of all, which Jesus preached so long ago.  We choose to support this mission.

After meeting Kally, and hearing her speak so eloquently about her faith and spiritual journey, we were moved.  She was easily approachable and a good listener.  We were very comfortable and made at ease in her presence.  She has a directness, and appears very driven.  She comes across as a goal oriented planner, who sets her mind to achieve that which she conceives.  Someone unafraid to lead and not be led. 

We were given the opportunity to hear a few of her recorded sermons, preached during her time filling in, as pulpit supply.  We were also fortunate enough to listen to her preach at a local house of worship, during the interview process.  She is well spoken and easily understood.  There is an honesty and directness to her approach.  When she speaks her passionate belief is strongly evident.  She is able to convey her point in a very meaningful and real manner.  Many of us were very impressed with her poise as well as the power of her words.  This final piece of our process truly reaffirmed Kally as our choice and removed any lingering doubts about our decision.  We stand by the choice we have made and know that in doing so we have given our church its best chance at a bright future.  

Christine J. Chair

The PNC Committee 

   Christine wants to express her thanks and gratitude to the committee.

Edna A.

Richie B.

Kurt C.

Bob S.

Barrie S.

Maureen W.

Rev. Janice Moore-Caputo

Margaret Cook – Committee of Ministry Liaison 

Note:   Pastor Kally was prepared to move to Long Island this week and to be in the pulpit as of June 7.  Unfortunately, the kitchen cabinets are not complete and so the kitchen cannot be finished in time to allow them to move as they had planned this weekend of May 31.  The new plan is that Pastor Kally will drive from Knoxville the week of June 7 and will be in the pulpit on June 14 and June 28.  Their furniture will be coming shortly after June 15 as will her husband Bryce and the children.   

Sometime the week of June 22, Pastor Kally and her family will go on vacation for two weeks for the unique event in that she will be able to perform the marriage ceremony for her mother.  The Elliott’s will return shortly after July 5.               

Barbara M.


































































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