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You may come as a stranger to us; yet you are known to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in His name we bid you welcome, praying that you find peace, inspiration and our friendship in this, His House.







Sunday Church Service: 10:30 a.m.





Blown away by the Christmas spirit


“What would you like to do for Christmas this year?” the new worshiping community leaders asked their children. 


Pastor Gad Mpoyo of Shalom International Ministry in Clarkston, Georgia, still remembers the immigrant and refugee children pondering the question.   


Their answer blew him away.  “What you expect from kids is for them to ask for what they need,” he said.  But this year the kids at Shalom wanted to give something back.


It was a “remarkable experience” to hear the children thinking out loud as they decided to pool their money to buy mittens for people who live at a nearby homeless shelter, Mpoyo said.  The kids and leaders from Shalom plan to present their gifts to the homeless shelter sometime on Christmas Eve. 

About 20 miles southwest of Atlanta, Clarkston is home to an estimated 8,000 residents from at least 30 countries.  Many have had their lives ripped apart by the devastating consequences of war and natural disaster.   

“To hear these kids saying, ‘We see that we’re OK.  God has blessed us.  We want to do what we can to share the gesture of wellbeing and peace,’ is incredibly gratifying,” Mpoyo said. “We have worked so hard to empower our young kids to be leaders.  They are learning how, becoming disciples of Jesus.”                                            

Mpoyo credits that learning, in part, to a new after-school program for middle school children that Shalom started this fall.  In just two months, leaders who worked on reading, academics and community building activities with the children noticed a change in the kids.  “They are more comfortable now interacting with those who are from a different part of the world,” Mpoyo aid.  “It’s by application only.  Already there’s a waiting list.  It’s been very successful.” 

Shalom is hosting a fundraiser for the school in January and hopes to increase the number of students currently in the program. 

This was an article from the PCUSA website which talks about what is happening in our Presbyterian Church nationwide.  I was very moved by it and thought you might be as well.  






Church Life Committee



White Elephant/Holiday Fair Update:


Items are still on display for purchase in the Barbara Pastor Fellowship Hall until after Christmas.  The total collected up to 12/15/14 is $2810.81  We anticipate that the sales will rise as Christmas gets closer and last minute gifts are needed.  The committee will meet on a to be determined date to pack up unsold items to be saved for an upcoming event and the rest to be donated to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.   

Future events will include a White Elephant Sale in April and a Military Bridge in May.  Several Pot Luck Dinner and Game nights will be scheduled, too. 



What’s Happening?

Number 53

January 2015


“I bring you tidings of great joy – unto you is born this day-

A Savior”    Luke 2:10-11


I don’t know where December went.  It just seemed to fly by and Christmas is just about here.  It has been busy so if I repeat something or forget something please forgive me. 

I know I have mentioned how great it is to have Janet Porcher in our pulpit but I can’t help saying it again.  It is a joy to have her with us.

Thanks to the Deacons who did such a good job decorating the church for Christmas.  Everything is beautiful. 

Our choir had a Christmas concert on December 14th and I have been hearing that everyone enjoyed it.  Dan worked hard with us putting it together.  He is great.  We are now looking forward to our Choir Christmas party which we always have the end of December.  

The Christmas Pageant is coming up and it should be great.  The kids are great and it is a pleasure for me to join them as a shepherd.  I have enjoyed the rehearsals with them.  It is such fun.  I will comment more on this in my next column. 

I went to a concert in the Grace Methodist church in Valley Stream where George S. is Music Director.  He was our director years ago.  It was so enjoyable and it was nice to see him and Jeanne.

Happy New Year to all!! 

“Peace is always beautiful.”     Walt Whitman





Deacon’s Doings


Thank you to all who contributed to our adopt a family.  As I’m writing this Virginia and I are going to the family with everything that was bought.  Thanks to our church this family will have a Merry Christmas.  Thank you, Lord, for helping us to look into our hearts and give to a needy family.   

Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year! 




Session Notes


   Session met on December 16, with Rev. Janice Moore Caputo as our Moderator.  We spent most time consulting with Nancy S. on issues related to Nomination of Officers.  We will need the final report for our next Session meeting which will be January 13, 2015.  We are aware of the importance of the church leadership for our New Beginnings in the New Year of 2015. 


   Just subsequent to the meeting we learned that the Philadelphia Insurance company has approved the full cost of the replacement of the Fellowship Hall roof as well as the roof for the steeple.  We anticipate that this will be completed the week following Easter during the Pumpkin Patch spring vacation. 

   At the meeting Barbara expressed her gratitude for the lovely year- end bonus. 

   Session has scheduled the Annual Meeting for January 18 following the worship service.  The Annual Meeting will be moderated by Margaret Cook.  








To be held on Sunday January 18, 2015, immediately following the 10:30 a.m. service of worship in Barbara Pastor Fellowship Hall.


Notice is hereby given that the Annual Ecclesiastical and Corporate Meeting of the First Presbyterian Church of Oceanside, New York will be held at First Presbyterian Church of Oceanside, 2701 Oceanside Road, Oceanside, New York on Sunday, January 18, 2013 immediately following the 10:30 a.m. service of worship for the purpose of electing church officers, and transacting other such business as may regularly come before the meeting.

                                             Barbara M.

                                             Clerk of Session   By order of Session










































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